Treating Impotence

Whenever you suspect that a drug is behind a complaint of impotence, try if possible to substitute an agent less likely to cause the problem. Occasionally, particularly in severe disease, erectile dysfunction is the trade-off for effective treatment of the disease.

Of the numerous endocrine diseases associated with impotence, diabetes is the most common. Diabetes is often diagnosed before it causes impotence, but in some older men, incipient late-onset diabetes may go unnoticed until the patient loses the ability to have an erection. Impotence due to neuropathy secondary to diabetes is next to impossible to treat effectively.

Diseases or conditions affecting the penis are a major cause of disease-related impotence. Peripheral vascular disease is a common cause, especially if it’s severe enough to cause claudication. And angine, myocardial infarction, and other cardiac conditions–probably because of their anxiety-raising capacity as well as their physical effects–rank high as causes of impotence.

CNS diseases, from mild stroke to multiple sclerosis and parkinsonism, may involve impotence and hair loss. The neuropathic sequelae of alcoholism and severe renal disease contribute heavily to its incidence.

Abdominal surgery and any other surgery affecting the vasculature or innervation of the urogenital area may cause impotence and loss of testosterone. If a patient doesn’t remember details of past major surgery, it may be worthwhile to obtain the hospital records.

Acute urinary tract infection or simple inflammation in the urogenital area may cause temporary impotence and loss of human growth hormone. By the time desire for intercourse returns, however, erectility returns as well unless the drug regimen includes an agent associated with impotence.

Low testosterone levels have been associated with poor sexual performance, and some men having occasional erectile difficulty may inquire about testosterone injections. Rarely, if ever, would it be advisable to give testosterone to a 50-year-old man with a complaint of occasional impotence. You may, however, want to determine the serum testosterone level when an investigation of total impotence fails to reveal a drug-related or psychological cause. If the level is low, order a serum prolactin. If that is markedly elevated, you will want a pituitary scan. You just might find that a pituitary tumor is responsible for the patient’s impotence.

ProSolution Pills Review

There are men who do battle with sexual performance, and unfortunately alternatives just are not that easy to come by. As we try one product and then another, we still struggle with getting a hard enough erection to satisfy our partners in bed. We feel frustrated and impatient for better results. You should never have to say sorry for your sexual performance, but you might just find yourself doing this more often than you wished.

OK, but are there any answers to this problem? What can men do to improve their sexual potency and prowess? Are there really any good solutions? I think one response to these questions is to try a male enhancement product called Zenerx, which you can read more about at Zenerx Review.

There have been quite a few studies that have shown that these sexual potency tablets can really help men get better erections in bed. What exactly is this thing called male enhancement? This doesn’t necessarily mean getting a bigger penis, but it does mean getting a harder, and maybe even bigger, erection. The point is, who cares how big you are when you are flaccid. As long as you have a good hard erection, you’ll have good sex. That really is the bottom line, don’t you think?

Way too many ads for male enhancement pills promise growth of many inches. This really is overselling the product. Still, most men would like to get a little bit more size. Is this at all possible with Extenze? The response to this question is, “maybe.” First you must remember that no pill in the entire world can suddenly make you grow four inches without doing anything else at all. Just like no pill or product is going to make you a better athlete. You also have to work hard towards your goals regardless.

However, the ProSolution System does provide some excellent benefits along these lines. For example, if you regularly do penis exercises to help make your penis grow, then Prosolution can help things along. There are lots of penis workout programs to be found, and many of them are quite good. If you’re really serious, you can also use a penis extender.

When you do penis exercises or when you use an extender, you are basically stretching your penis. This of course should be gentle and slow going! But by gradually stretching the penile tissues, you are making your penis grow. Now Volume Pills can help make your penis grow faster if you are doing these exercises or using an extender.

Using Volume Pills gives you two different kinds of results. It can help in tissue regrowth. When you stretch the penis, you are basically destroying cells, which then grow back even stronger. This is the same thing that happens with weightlifters. The ingredients in Pro Solution will make that regrowth happen more quickly and efficiently. Few other male enhancement pills can do this sort of thing.

The second benefit associated with ProSolution pills is that they will provide nutrition to your entire reproductive system. This is like giving your penis food. More food equals more growth and power. The result is a more potent penis and supporting system. Overall, better sexual performance cannot be obtained without an enhancement in penis health. If your member is not in good shape then you cannot have good sex. It’s really that simple. And the best way to get your penis into optimal shape is by using the male enhancement product called Prosolution Pills.

Can Natural Male Enhancement Pills Make My Penis Bigger?

Natural male enhancement herbal supplements can NOT make your penis bigger. They can help you achieve stronger and longer lasting erections, but they won’t make you bigger.

What about natural male enhancement exercises and pumps? I’ve tried many exercises. The most well-known one is called jelqing. Frankly, I don’t know if it works. It takes so much time and effort that I couldn’t do it. There’s also a great device that is supposed to work. It’s called a penis extender. You have to wear this contraption on your penis for months, though. If you do want to try a penis extender, I’d go for the SizeGenetics device. It’s the most famous. You can read more about it at SizeGenetics Review. As far as pumps, you have to be careful. It’s easy to damage yourself with these devices. Sometimes permanently.

Natural Male Enhancement That Works

There’s only one natural male enhancement exercise program that I’d recommend for enlarging your penis. It’s doesn’t take too much time or effort, and you will see some results. It’s called Penis Advantage. Briefly, here’s how it works:

The penis has three chambers. Two larger ones on the top of the penis, and a smaller one below. An erection occurs when blood fills the top, larger, chambers. Your erection size is limited by how much blood these chambers can hold.

The Penis Advantage program features exercises that will temporarily allow your chambers to hold more blood than they’re used to. This essentially reduces the cell walls. Then they come back—stronger and larger than they were before. Gradually you’ll make the chambers that hold the blood bigger.

This sounds like it might be painful, but it isn’t. It’s also easy to do. The Penis Advantage program is a little overpriced, and it makes some pretty outlandish claims about how much you can add to your length, but the bottom line is that you will see an increase in size. So ultimately it’s worth it.

You can read all about the Penis Advantage program at their website. Remember, the only way to increase the size of your penis is to do exercises designed for natural male enhancement.

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